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Cortellis Deals Intelligence
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Dealmaking Competitive Intelligence. Simplified.
Deals Intelligence offers critical and thorough life sciences deals data. The combination of Recap data with Cortellis' industry leading features and functions make finding, analyzing, and sharing the right piece of intelligence easier than ever. 

We've got your questions covered.
Comprehensive content additions might lead to questions which is why we've set up training webinars for you to attend. Bring your questions and your notebook - there's a whole lot to learn and love in Cortellis Deals Intelligence. Click the "attend a live training" button below to sign up for a session.

Allow us to support all of your migration needs
We want our loyal Recap IQ users to know we are going to support every facet of this migration, and we think you'll be thrilled with all that CDI has to offer. Cortellis Deals Intelligence offers additional critical content and functionality not found in Recap:
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Upgrade: Recap to Cortellis Deals Intelligence (30 mins + Q&A)
This session will introduce you to Cortellis Deals Intelligence and get you up and running quickly so you can:

  • Find Recap content in Cortellis Deals Intelligence and explore additional content 
  • Utilize features and functionality from Recap and learn about the more powerful capabilities in the Cortellis platform
  • Export data for further analysis and set up email alerts for automatic updates
The presenter will also be available to answer questions from the attendees. Click below to register:

Cortellis Deals Intelligence Resources 
Deals Intelligence from Clarivate Analytics aims to provide analysis and advice to guide your business development decisions. Deals Intelligence combines extensive deals analysis experience with the breadth of Life Sciences service offerings from Clarivate Analytics creating a powerful combination for clients. Click through the below resources to understand all that Deals Intelligence has to offer.
Are PAPs a solution or just another way to game the system?
Unpacking the complex U.S. drug pricing system to fix it starts with understanding how it works. It’s become clear that many who make the rules are woefully unclear about a system that’s rife with a lack of transparency, multilevel negotiations, hidden markups, cost shares, usual and customary prices, and a host of patient assistance programs (PAPs). The BioWorld team decided to peel back the layers of that complex system to explore the latter. In this collection, we have taken a close look at how those programs – intended to help patients afford their drugs – really operate, who benefits and who loses.
Cortellis Deals Landscape Q4 2016
During the 4th quarter of 2016, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence had 889 new deals added as part of its ongoing coverage of pharmaceutical licensing activity. This was an increase on both the last quarter (865) but a decrease from the same quarter for the previous year (915). This article will focus on highlighting a number of the most valuable and notable deals forged during the quarter, as well as a selection of deals from some of the most prolific deal makers. An update on milestones, options and terminated deals of significance will also be presented, along with an early outlook on the next quarter’s pharmaceutical licensing activity. Click here to read the report. 
An in-depth view on the biopharma landscape
The Dealmaker’s Playbook puts competitive insights, market trends, and industry updates side by side. Drawing on BioWorld, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence, and Cortellis Deals Intelligence to give you the full picture on the potential deals across the life sciences. Learn more. 
* basic deals included with Cortellis Competitive Intelligence