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  • Read beyond the obvious, with timely, in-depth coverage of Asia's biopharma sector, with trademark BioWorld analysis and perspective on licensing deals, M&A and financings

  • Untangle the regulatory knots with articles that clarify the process in China and other key markets 

  • Enhance partnering opportunities by getting to know the people and companies via BioWorld's signature BioPeople and NewCo News features

  • Recognize deal trends and various financing options available to fund R&D
  • Understand how the recent corruption scandals are affecting drug regulation in China and what that means for the biopharma industry 

  • Comprehend the myriad regulatory paths for biosimilars 

  • Assuage intellectual property concerns with articles that highlight this hot-button topic

  • Stay on top of clinical news with incremental updates on drugs in the pipeline from early to late-stage through regulatory reviews, approvals or denials

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