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Moscone Center South 102, San Francisco, CA

PLEASE NOTE: This is a working agenda. Check back for updates and announcements!


The work which the Allicense Planning Council has contributed is invaluable to the success of Allicense. 

The Allicense Planning Council has devoted invaluable effort to the success of Allicense. Their time, energy and contributions are what make Allicense the unparalleled forum for dealmaking it is known for.














4:45 - 5:00

5:00 -6:00 

Until 6:30

6:00 - 8:00

  DURATION              CONTENT                                           MODERATOR/SPEAKER                               CONFIRMED PANELISTS
 15 min                 
  30 min                   
  60 min                     Panel Discussion: 
                                    At What Price? Drug Pricing
                                   Clarity and Solutions
                                   (panel description below)
  30 min                   AM Networking Break               
 15 min                   Data Presentation:
                                  Changing Financial Markets
                                  for Biopharma Innovations
 60 min              

 30 min
  75 min                   Boxed Lunches & Speaker:                           
                                   Rare Disease Patient Advocacy
                                   and the Industry 
                                   Lunch and networking with 45 min

 15 min
  45 min
  30 min                    Networking Break &
                                    Deal of the Year Voting
 60 min
  60 min                     Award Celebration:                            Donald Johnston, Moderator
                                     Allicense 2016 Breakthrough         Celebrate the winners at our private
                                     Deal of the Year Winners                  onsite Allicense cocktail reception 
                                   Shuttles to BIO Reception 

                                   BIO Evening Reception
                                   "Summer of Love" party at 
                                   San Francisco City Hall and Civic Plaza 
  60 min                    Rapid Fire Presentations:       
                                   Allicense 2016 Breakthrough
                                   Deal of the Year Nominees
                                   Nominees announced May 3
Representatives from the buyside and sellside  of the Allicense 2016 Breakthrough Deal nominees (5 M&A and 5 licensing transactions) 
  15 min                     Conference Wrap Up:                        Laura Vitez, Principal Business                    
                                                                                                     Analyst, Thomson Reuters


8:00-8:15 AM Conference Kick Off: Let’s Play Chess!
Presented by Peter Kolchinsky, PhD, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, RA Capital Management LLC
Mapping the chessboard: the competitive game theory that governs how companies can, should, and yet only sometimes do, assimilate all the necessary new technologies to grow and defend against disruption. Where are the unmet needs, what are the opportunities, and who should be talking to whom, from the perspective of an evidence- based crossover investor. 

8:45-9:45 AM Panel Discussion: At What Price? Drug Pricing Clarity and Solutions
Presented by James C. Robinson, PhD, MPH, Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics,  University of California at Berkeley
Though drug cost-valuation debates aren't new, the battle exploded onto a global center stage in 2015 when a previously little-known CEO unapologetically hiked the price of an in-licensed generic drug 5500%. Simultaneously patients’ voices have grown louder, especially given increased consumer cost sharing. In the U.S., the pending presidential election gives politicians more ammunition than ever to enact price regulations that could have an enormous impact on innovation. It’s a perfect storm. As public criticism grows, rather than rehashing old arguments, experts are gathering at Allicense for a candid discussion providing fresh clarity and proposing a variety of pro-active, granular, workable solutions to the ongoing drug pricing controversies.

10:30-11:30 AM Investing and Exiting and Doing It Again: Private, Crossover, and Public Strategies
Presented by Jonathan Norris, JD, 
Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
What are the current trends in financing and exits for venture-backed biopharma companies?  Where are the active investors deploying their capital? What is the role of crossover investors in 2016?  Has the influence of the ever-changing public market changed VC’s underlying investment theses?  Will the IPO window continue in 2016?  Is early stage M&A a long term trend for the industry?

1:30-2:15 PM Panel Discussion: Fostering and Transferring Innovation: Working Together to keep the Ecosystem Healthy
Presented by David Dunn, PhD, Practice Lead, Portfolio and Licensing Professional Services, Thomson Reuters
Industry has always relied upon ground-breaking discoveries originating from academic and other early-stage research.  These discoveries range from new insight into disease mechanisms and potential novel therapeutic points of intervention, through inventive therapeutic approaches to unmet medical needs and their validation in the clinic. There are great opportunities at the interface between academia and commercial enterprise; yet there are also multiple challenges. Issues include the negotiation of rights of ownership, financial terms, management of joint research efforts, and transfer of knowledge.  This panel will pull together industry and academia veterans who have navigated the challenges of translating discoveries into commercial opportunities.

 3:45-4:45 PM Panel Discussion: Strategies Supporting Breakthrough Innovations
Presented by Karl Handelsman, Founder, Codon Capital

Our panel of serial "value creators" will describe their approach to building companies through BD. Many key decisions open up the ability to rapidly create breakthrough innovations: collaborate or control, build or partner, financing pathways, best practices of engaging with Universities, KOLs, Pharma.  In addition to a group experience moving from early startup to IPO, we will discuss how the dealmaking ecosystem will continue to evolve. 

Peter Kolchinsky, PhD
Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, RA Capital Management LLC

Conference Kick Off
Let’s Play Chess! 
(panel description below)

Morning Keynote Address:
Pricing and Patient Access: 
Basis for Agreement between Manufacturers and Insurers?

James C. Robinson, PhD, MPH
Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health EconomicsUniversity of California at Berkeley; Author of “Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology, for the Right Patient, at the Right Price”

• Anita Chawla, PhD, Managing 
  Principal, Analysis Group
• Cameron Durrant, MD, CEO, KaloBios
• Paul Hastings, CEO, OncoMed
• Amy Bricker, VP, Supply Chain 
  Management, Express Scripts

James C. Robinson, PhD, MPH
Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics,
University of California at Berkeley

Jonathan Norris, JD,
Managing Director,
Silicon Valley Bank 
 Chen Yu, MD, Managing Partner,
   Vivo Capital
• Dan Estes, PhD, Principal, 
  Frazier Healthcare 
• Simeon George, MD, Partner, SR One 
• Peter Kolchinsky, PhD, Managing 
  Director, RA Capital
Panel Discussion:
Investing and Exiting and Doing It Again: Private, Crossover, and Public Strategies
Laura Vitez, Principal Business Analyst, Thomson Reuters
Data Presentation:
Dealmakers Index
and the Current Dealmaking Landscape

Tricia Mullins, VP, Strategic Alliances, Global Genes 
Rare disease group focused on public policy and industry interface

David Dunn, PhD, Practice Lead      Portfolio and Licensing Professional Services, Thomson Reuters
Panel Discussion:
Fostering and Transferring Innovation:
Working Together to keep the Ecosystem Healthy

Data Presentation:
Academic/Commercial Interface
Current Dealmaking
David Dunn, PhD, Practice Lead      Portfolio and Licensing Professional Services, Thomson Reuters
 • Tom Duley, JD, Partner, King and 
 • June Lee, MD, Director, Early 
   Translational Research/ Catalyst 
   Program, University California at San 
 • Clifford Stocks, CEO, OncoResponse
 • Ben Thorner, JD, VP BD&L, Head of 
   North American Innovation Hubs, 
 • Mona Wan, Associate Director, 
   Stanford Office of Technology 

Donald Johnston, Moderator
Senior Director, Current Awareness,
Thomson Reuters        
 • Kent Hawryluk, CBO, Avidity 
 • John Mulligan, PhD, Scientific 
   Founder, Good Therapeutics
 • Arthur Sands, MD, PhD, CEO, Nurix
 • Richard Soll, PhD, SVP, International 
   Discovery Service, WuXi AppTec
 Christopher Denn, Partner, Goodwin 

Panel Discussion:
Strategies Supporting Breakthrough Innovations
(panel description below)

Karl Handelsman, Founder,
Codon Capital
Jonathan Norris, JD,
Managing Director,
Silicon Valley Bank 
Senior Director, Current Awareness, Thomson Reuters

News Director, BioWorld, Thomson Reuters

Business Development Segment Lead, Thomson Reuters

Director, Partnering and Business Development, BIO

Managing Director, Education, BIO